QSL Bureau Accounting Program Documentation

(For use by the QSL Sorters)

Link to Internal Bureau Procedure Documents

New postage rates are effective 22 January 2017.  
 See  Rate Table  with the 2017 rates
(Version 3.02 has the old rates)
You will need to manually update your tables.
Click here for a screen shot of the rate table. 


Version 3.02 of the QSL Sort Program is now available

The new version of the program is available.  Several new features have been added.  Thanks to K1TTT for all his work in developing this new version!

Some changes  with version 3.0 through 3.02 include:

- Data backup to the cloud
- New report showing activity for a specified time period
- Warning if the address line is too long
- Added card count to the Notify label
- Added date of Low Balance Notify to main screen
- Added more space in Notes text box
- Fixed change in QRZ.COM interface
- Updated shipping table to 10 April 2016 rates
- Version 3.01 changes the label font to Arial for darker printing

Version 3 will require you to be using an operating system of XP sp3 or later.  Windows 7, 8 and 10 are fine.
If you are using an older version of Windows, version 1.08 of the program may still be used.

The Operating Manual includes the installation instructions.  The previous version must be removed before version 3 can be installed.  An Access database file will need to be installed from the Microsoft site if you did not have version 2 or 3 already installed on the machine.  The manual describes where to locate the file.  The program should NOT be installed in the traditional "Program Files" directory since the later operating systems have restrictions on programs located in that area. The program defaults to installing in the proper location.  Be sure to backup you data before you start the installation!!  Once you use Version 3, you can not go back to an earlier version with your datafile.

The program installation file is available here.



Documentation Revision - 13 May 2016 based on program revision 3.01
(ok for version 3.02)

Operating Manual V3.01 PDF (1.4 MB)  

Documentation updates will be posted here



Revision History and Known Issues  <= see changes for rev 3.00 through 3.02



Postage Rates as of 22 January 2017 

Notify post cards are on the Documentation web page

Help with 1X1 Calls

Call Sign history - N4MC Unique Call Lookup      www.silentkeyhq.com  then go to "Reseach Hams"


Program Downloads

Revision 3.02 (released 22 June 2016) software downloads from the K1TTT web site:
Installation Package   (1.2 MB)   

Note: Be sure to re-enter the file location for your backups after installing the program update