Revision History and Known Issues

Revision History

Version 4.0 - 3 August 17  (program will show date: 6 June 2017)

- The data setup files are now two separate files to allow Bureau specific information to be edited and distributed to the users. 
    This allows easy customization for use by any Bureau.
- The User specific and Bureau specific files are preserved when doing a program update or reinstall.  No need to re-enter the setup data.
- Fixed installer so no need to uninstall the previous version when doing an install.
- Reorganized some of the screens, fixed minor bugs
- Data backup to the cloud also includes a .csv file
- The "New Call" box is highlighted in yellow when there is a new call


Version 3.02 - 22 June 16

- Fixed printing bug with long calls

Version 3.01 - 13 May 16

- Changed Label fonts to Arial to fix light printing on some systems

Version 3.0 - 15 April 16  (program will show date: 1 January 2016)

- Data backup to the cloud
- New report showing activity for a specified time period
- Warning if the address line is too long
- Added card count to the Notify label
- Added date of Low Balance Notify to main screen
- Added more space in Notes text box
- Fixed change in QRZ.COM interface
- Updated shipping table to 10 April 2016 rates
- Updated Bureau address in eMail text

Version 2.10 - 17 August 2014

- Added "No Buro" status
- Updated shipping table

Version 2.00 - 21 May 2013

- Upgraded the database platform
- Installation and operation made more compatible with newer operating systems
- Added XML access to QRZ.COM
- Updated web URL in the messages -
- Resized city field in the address
- Zero the card count after shipping
- Changed All Report 'Cash on Hand' text
- Updated shipping table
- Added Email inhibit check boxes
- Several minor cosmetic changes

Version 1.08 - 14 January 2012

- Updated access to QRZ.COM
- Updated shipping table

Version 1.07 - May 2011

- Changed text in email notifications to clarify using to get PayPal information
- Updated shipping table

Version 1.06 - May 2010

Required for Windows 7 users - please see special instructions
- Beta of this version was released in December 2009

Version 1.05 - October 2009

- Fixed address parsing for new QRZ.COM format to remove extra blank lines
- Updated shipping table
(Ok for Windows Vista)

Version 1.04 - March 2007

- Add zip to shipping summary report

Changes from Version 1.00 to 1.03 - December 2006

- Add 'to' in the re-notify message text
- Fixed 255 lookups limit in QRZ CD
- Added nice error message when file not found during import of old data
- Removed requery after deleting record with button so the current record location isn't lost when browsing
- Fixed ie7 crash (should only be a problem on machines that use the Access runtime from the full package)
- Changed postage rate
- Removed extra space in 2 of the email texts
- Changed 'your balance is' to 'your credit balance is' in shipping label
- Fixed error in labels when address or cards on file data is null

There is a minor change that users may see related to the QRZ CD fix.  If the CD is not in the drive, or the path in the maintenance dialog is wrong, there will be an error shown when opening the call screen.  If you get this message you must close the call screen, insert the CD or fix the path, then re-open the call screen or the cd lookup won't work.  If you ignore the message then any lookups from the CD will fail.  If a user doesn't  have the QRZ CD they can delete everything out of the path field and the error won't be displayed, but of course the CD won t work either.


Version 1.00 - Initial Release - 28 August 2005

Known Issues


Last update - 3 August 2017