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**** The data in this tool is from the individual Letter Sorters.  It is only updated when they upload their data.  The upload date is shown in the data display.  If you send in funds, they will not show until the next upload by your sorter.

You can setup a new account, add funds or make changes to your account by using the form below. 

You can also send funds or send your information by mail to:

        W1 QSL Bureau
        P.O. Box 73
        Marlborough, MA 01752-0073

Make checks payable to: W1 QSL Bureau
Cash payments may be sent at your own risk.

If you have any questions please contact us by email at

If you are not sure how much to send in to start an account, we recommend sending $5.00.  PayPal will deduct about 45 cents (amount varies with value of funds submitted) and your account will be funded for several shipments of cards to you.  We charge the actual postage and a 10 cents, plus 10 cents per ounce fee per shipment to cover the envelope and other overhead costs. 

We have added a feature listing W1 Hams that do not want to receive cards via the bureau.  Click here for more information.

Important Information for Users with Multiple Callsigns:

If you want your funds credited to multiple call signs, please send us an email telling us how you want the funds distributed.
Note that PayPal takes out a small service fee so the actual amount to be credited will be smaller than what you submit.

Please fill out the form below for new accounts, account updates and also if you intend to use PayPal to add funds. 

When finished, click submit. PayPal users will be able to click a PayPal button on the next web page after submitting the form below.

Note that a PayPal account is not required, most major credit cards will also be accepted at checkout.

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