DX Sending Cards to Us

QSL cards from DX Bureaus and DX stations should be mailed to:

            W1 QSL Bureau
            PO Box 73
            Marlborough, MA 01752-0073

Cards should only be for USA first call area amateurs.

Note that AL1, KL1, NL1 and WL1 cards should be sent to the KL bureau.  See ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau for their mailing address.

AH1, KH1, NH1, WH1, and KP1 etc. prefixes are generally DXpeditions and not covered by this bureau.

AM1 through AZ1 calls are for countries other than the USA.

If you are a USA station sending cards to DX, use an Outgoing QSL service.  We can not process these cards and will send them back to you.
For ARRL members, use the ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau.

Some Hams do not want to receive QSL cards via the Bureau. Please do not send cards to these Hams via the Bureau since we can not deliver them and will dispose of them. Click here for a listing of the W1 Hams that do not use our Bureau.